Bergdahl Controversy Affecting Hailey


By Joey Martin

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The fallout from former POW Bowe Bergdahl's prisoner swap is impacting his hometown of Hailey.

Wednesday afternoon the Blaine County Commissioners held a press conference to discuss the latest in the Bowe Bergdahl controversy.

Blaine County Commissioner Larry Schoen only spoke for about three minutes and then fielded questions from members of the press.

"Since last week, some people have attacked the good intentions of our community members as they've supported the Bergdahl family in their attempt to get their son back from captivity. Very sadly it has come down to the Bergdahl family receiving personal threats and several other members of our community receiving personal threats," Schoen said.

During the press conference Schoen wouldn't specifically speak on Bergdahl's situation, but he did speak on the two main issues.

"The first issue is our military's sacred duty to leave no American soldier on the battlefield. By getting Sergeant Bergdahl back under US control, they have fulfilled that duty. The second issue is the need to investigate potential misconduct. We in Blaine County fully support that process. Our community members understand the need to see the military judicial system run its course," Schoen explained.

After the press conference I spoke with a few members of the public and asked them what their thoughts were on Commissioner Schoen's comments.

"Around here people seem to have an open mind about waiting for more facts to come out. Although there are a lot of facts and people are a little confused at this point, I think that is a supportive town of really generous hearted people that are just hoping for the best," said Caroline Clawson, Ketchum resident.

"I would have liked to hear what Bowe has to say. You know, people are very quick to name you a hero and make a complete turnaround afterwards," said Michael Barton, Sun Valley resident.

A community still in the grips of the waiting gameā€¦ waiting for their native son to return and waiting to get their lives back to normal.

If you would like to view the entire press conference, log onto our website at and click on the Bergdahl press conference link.

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