Best Food At The Fair


By Joey Martin

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A big part of the fair every year is the competitions... And this year's competitions are heating up.

Usually it's the 4–h kids and grandma's apple pie competing for the blue ribbons.

But new this year, the fair decided it was time to pit the food vendors head to head for the best dish.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News takes a look.

The food out here at the fair has always been the glue that holds the fun together.

People come out for the rides and shows, but it's the food that gets them to stay.

And new this year, a competition that highlights who does it best.

"We've got the best food vendors that I know of nationwide right here at the Twin Falls County Fair."
From the typical corn dogs and funnel cake.

To something new, like pork sunday's and chocolate covered... Anything.

The twin falls county fair has it all.

That's why this year the fair decided it was time to give these hard working vendors a reason to put out their best.

"We have competitions in our livestock categories and also in our competition exhibits. And the food vendors are just there and seems like they provide food for the fair–goers. We decided to have a contest for them... so they could feel a part of the fair."
Said Bonnie Seaman from the Twin Falls county Fair.

Each of the vendors were able to enter at least one dish into all four categories. The categories ranged from best breakfast to best deep–fried... best dessert and best signature dish.

And for the winners of each categories, the fair had something special.

"we have these great big huge ribbons for them that they can have for bragging rights all week on their booths. And hopefully it will entice the fair–goers to try whatever they won today."

After the judging was complete, four winners were announced.

For best breakfast dish mini doughnuts took home the prize.

Best dessert was Navajo Tacos with their raspberry scone.

Best deep–fried went to Jenks and their delicious onion rings.

And Jenks also took home the signature dish with their elk burger.

With this being the first year of this contest, where does the fair see it going into the future.

"I'd like to see it that we have a crowd sitting out here to see who's going to win. And hopefully get all of our food vendors to have their own competition going... I think it will be really exciting for them."
Said Seaman.

Highlighting the best food that the Twin Falls County Fair has to offer.

And giving those vendors the recognition they deserve.

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