Big Announcement Out Of Jerome


By Joey Martin

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Another new big corporation has targeted the Magic Valley for business.

And this time, it's the city of Jerome bringing them in.

In this week’s segment of Grow Southern Idaho, Joey Martin takes a look at this new dairy based industry.

And what it will mean for the region.

And for your cows.

"It's going to be a 5 acre facility. There will be a 10,000 square foot warehouse, 2,000 square foot office and the rest making up 30,000 square feet of manufacturing, blending, tanks and tuck loading and offloading."
Said President of Specialty Sales, Greg Petersen.

With Idaho recently ranking 3rd in the nation when it comes to dairy production.

Keeping the cows that produce that milk happy is a big responsibility.

And keeping cows happy is what Specialty Sales is all about.

"Specialty Sales is a company that focuses on animal health care products, specifically hoof care products for dairy cows. Since 2000 we've installed in over 400 dairies... our automated systems that included our hoof care products look after 700,000 cows... 700,000 happy cows."

Hoof health issues are a big concern for local dairies.

And the products specialty sales make help to reduce that concern.

"The products are designed to look after the hoof health for the dairy cows, to cleanse them, to make sure they're clean and disinfected. We use an automated system to administer those in an ethical and safe manner. So 'X' amount of cows walk through the hoof bath and they clean out and recharge the product again."

Specialty Sales is originally base out of Fresno California.

And for years have been servicing clients here in southern Idaho.

And making the move to the magic valley just made sense in the long run.

"Difficult to look after customers in an effective way... in a way were used to looking after customers from that kind of distance. You have transportation cost and of course response time to customer care issues. So it just seems like a very good fit for us."

And for the city of Jerome, it's a big boom for the local economy.

"We’re really excited that this company is coming to town and we hope that this brings additionally businesses into town and gets us going on the economic development path."
Said Jerome Mayor, David Davis.

More business for the Magic Valley.

Adding to the ever growing economy of Southern Idaho.

Specialty Sales is anticipating breaking ground on their new facility in the very near future.

They plan to hire 7 to 10 new employees with starting salaries ranging from 70 to $80,000 a year.

For more information on applying for one of these jobs log on to the Idaho Department of Labor website listed here.

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