Big Year For 4th Of July Citations


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) This year the City of Twin Falls decided to hammer down on the use of illegal fireworks during the Fourth of July.

And with the numbers coming in… it looks as if the message was received.

Just on the 4th alone, the T.F.P.D. received 88 calls related to fireworks disturbances.

That’s up 15 calls compared to last year’s 73 .

Out of those 88 calls… 50 citations were issued.

Making this year’s fourth one of the more cited years in recent memory.

“I think the intent is that until we can get the public even more educated as to the dangers of fireworks and respecting your neighbors when it comes to the noise… were going to be out there and were going to be doing these things… it’s going to be a constant.”
Said Sergeant David Frick from the Twin Falls Police Department.

The use of fireworks’ is still permitted up until midnight on the 5th.

If you are caught using illegal fireworks… you could see yourself paying a fine of $100 plus court cost of $56.

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