Blaine County Commissioners Looking At Possible Levy


By Andrew Reed

Carey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Blaine County Commissioners are looking into a road and bridge levy.

They're meeting with city officials within the county receiving input on whether or not to move forward.

Blaine County Commissioners are making their rounds and informing people about a possible supplemental levy, that could soon be on the ballet.

"We have several options on the table and right now the county is spending from reserves. With declining state gas tax revenues and no money coming from property taxes. We have a real backlog of work on our roads, bridges, and culverts we are looking at a supplemental levy,” said Commissioner Larry Schoen.

The money would go towards road and bridge maintenance.

Commissioners are leaning towards two lower amount levies, which would be three-million dollars or five-million dollars.

"We don't have a highway district and we aren't collecting property taxes. We solely are relaying on the state and federal gas tax and a little bit of Forest Service money through the SRS Program,” said Schoen.

The county received letters of support for a levy from the cities of Carey, Ketchum, Hailey, and Bellevue.

City of Carey Mayor Randall Patterson hopes the money will go back into the cities.

"I would support the levy that the city shares. Some of that money would come back to the taxpayers to be used in the local area. We have roads that need work on and it's hard for us to upkeep those roads. It's hard to keep up to the standard with the money we receive from the state,” said Mayor Randall Patterson.

The commissioners would have to approve the special two-year levy by mid-March.

If it passes voters will then decide in May.

For more information about the different levy options go to,

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