Blaine County Rolls Out New Recycling Program


By Aimee Burnett

Hailey, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Blaine County has a new recycling program.

People can expect some changes to their curb–side pick up.

As Blaine County residents took their recyclables to the curb Monday, there was a much different recycling program.

"The motto is 5 B Recycles and the goal is to increase the number of residents who recycle in Blaine County," said Charlene Nelson, Director of Blaine County Operations.

Currently people are recycling on average about 2,088 tons each year.

Through the previous program they were sorting all of their items at the curb.

"They would take out seven different items in six different bins on recycle day," said Nelson.

But, now all of the papers are combined into one bin...reducing from three bins to one.

"We still have a bin for plastic and we'll have a bin that has a combination of aluminum and tin," said Nelson.

One of the changes to the recycling program is that glass will no longer be picked up curbside. People will need to bring it to one of the various drop–off locations throughout the county.

"The reason why we've taken the glass out of the curbside program is because it breaks, shards get into other materials and cause damage to expensive equipment and then there's the safety factor," said Nelson.

It also reduces pollution as well as saves thousands of dollars.

"It saves 9.2 tons of carbon emissions if we divert our glass. It also saves $40,000 to the residents," said Nelson.

Residents are now simply sorting materials into three groups, fiber, metal and plastic.

If you have questions about where to drop off glass products or about the recycling program contact the county.

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