Blaine County School Board Looking At Teen Parenting


By KMVT News

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Blaine County School Board is discussing teen parenting in the school district.

A teen parenting center at Silver Creek High School has been in place for three years.

Now, school officials are analyzing how it helps students in Hailey.

"We do have an interest and an obligation to see that students stay in school no matter what the circumstance," explains Heather Crocker, Communications Director.

It looks like your average daycare, but the spacious room at Silver Creek High School with toys and books is anything but.

The Teen Parenting Center allows full-time students to work towards graduation while making sure their child is cared for.

"In-between classes, they can check in with their kid, they can feed them, they can take care of them. They are required to take a parenting class that covers everything from car seats to nutrition to reading with their child, so it really just teaches them the basics so they can learn in a supervised way how to be a parent," Crocker says.

Students who go to Silver Creek and Wood River may use the daycare. The requirements are they must be under the age of 21 and go to school full time.

"We've seen students who have been given a second chance to re-enroll, and some of them have graduated with college credits and then been well on their way to get associates degrees," Crocker points out.

Throughout the three years, 12 children have attended the daycare.

In the future, the school district hopes any other students in need will benefit from the program.

"We hope it will continue like this. I think it's a nurturing place and gives them the skills they need," Crocker says.

Continuing education despite the odds.

The Blaine County School Board is meeting Tuesday night at six.

One of the topics they will be discussing is how the teen parenting center has been going so far… and how it can be improved in the future.

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