Blaine County Sheriff's Department Ready For A Hostage Situation


By Andrew Reed

Hailey, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The Blaine County Sheriff's emergency response team recently held an intensive four day - 40 hour hostage negotiation training on U.S. forest service land.

A multi task force made up of elite officers from the Sun Valley and Ketchum Police Departments and Blaine County Sheriff are prepared for a hostage encounter.

"We've recently expanded our team to include a hostage negotiation component that why it allows us to be in contact with somebody who might be barricaded such as a bank robber or something and bring a peaceful resolution to something that we otherwise didn't have the tools to do” said Sheriff Gene Ramsey, Blaine County.

The goal of the negotiation process is to save lives and to resolve crisis incidents while attempting to avoid unnecessary risk.

"When we first pull up to a situation and we realize we need a hostage negotiation team involved we will come and set up equipment. We then have a throw phone that we would take over to a door and put it inside the door so people can have access to it and communicate with us” said Sheriff Ramsey.

"We train once a month on this is one of our new tools so we are working with it more and more so the rest of the year I'm sure we'll probably train three more times with it” said Lt. Bryan Carpita, Blaine County.

The equipment was purchased with the help of Bureau of Homeland Security funding.

Technology that will have both citizens and visitors rest a little easier.

The Blaine County Sheriff's Department has a co-op agreement with Southern Idaho Counties.

They would provide the equipment to area cities when requested.

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