Blaine County residents head to the polls


By Brittany Cooper

HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Whether you're up in the Sun Valley–Ketchum area or down in Hailey and Bellevue, residents are going to the polls.

Connie Hoffman, a registered voter says, "I think Blaine County is very active in the electoral process."

For Sun Valley residents, they're faced with a $14.2 million mainly focused on road and trail projects.

In Ketchum, one of the biggest items on the ballot is whether or not to have a council manager form of government.

"Right now we have a strong mayor form of government and if it passes, we'll go to a council manager form of government," says Hoffman.

As voters make their way into the Hemingway Elementary gym, Constable Roberta Kay is ready for them.

Kay says, "we have a lot of interest in the community of people who want to get involved and make a change."

As Hailey voters go to the polls today, one of the major issues they're voting on, is the plastic bag ban.

And in Bellevue, the city is asking for a $375,000 bond.

Most of the funds would go to replace two aging fire trucks.

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