Breakfast Tastes Are Changing In The United States


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Fast and healthy is what Americans are looking for before they jet off to work in the morning.

According to Nielsen Scantrack data, cereal sales have fallen seven percent since the beginning of June.

Many are reaching for the yogurt, and putting the cereal back on the shelf.

"Most cereal is garbage to eat to begin with, and so it's probably a good choice not to be eating the puff weed and things like that. Yogurt can be very healthy if the person doesn't have sensitivity to dairy," says Dusty Lapp, Best Life Nutritional Therapy.

This has boosted the yogurt industry, which is raking in over 4 billion dollars a year, according to NBC News.

According to CBS News, there was a 16 per cent drop in profits from earlier this month.

"The reason why we've been seeing a little bit of a decline over the several years in the cereal category would be particularly due to lifestyle; people are in such a hurry. I know breakfast in general has been something that people have been more on the go with, and so that is why I think you see more yogurt, granola bars, breakfast bars things like that," says Benjamin Swensen, owner of Swensen’s.

Stores like Swensen's have been responding to the demand.

"We're trying to respond to what customers needs are; we always try to have a selection of yogurt. I think the cereals are, for example, our schematic on our cereal is we have more cereal bars, more single step on the go type things than we used to," Swensen explains.

So when shopping for a healthy choice in yogurts, what should consumers look for?

"They should look to make sure that it doesn't have added sugars; they should pursue the kind that is full of fat, not low fat or no fat sugar,” Lapp says.

Cereal companies are also producing smaller healthier choices in cereal to appeal to consumers.

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