Burley High School: "Spread the word, to stop the word" R-Campaign



By Rachael Giffoni

Burley High School is "spreading the word to stop the word."
This is a new movement for the high school, called the 'R-Campaign' to stop people from using a certain word...that can be considered offensive.

Special Olympics Local Program Coordinator Terry Kinkead said, "The word is retard or retarded. We're trying to get that out of everybody's everyday language, whether its in the hall, whether its in the community, and your family, it's misused, and people that do have intellectual disabilities are very offended by it, and it's not a good word. We're going to end it."

The movement was started nationwide in 2009 at a youth summit for Special Olympics.

At their block party last week, Burley students could listen to a little speech about changing their way of speaking, and then sign a pledge that they won't use the 'R-word.'

This banner will hang in the main hallway of the school.

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