CA Student Dies From Inhaling Computer Cleaner; Locals Weigh-In


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) All eyes turn to Los Angeles Thursday as we learn a 14-year old girl died after inhaling computer keyboard cleaner. According to media outlets, this is becoming a growing trend for the younger generation.

"It was really scary to read that and really sad, because i know with inhalants, with that and really sad, because i know with inhalants, wit that young lady and it may be the first time she's ever totally changes your body's ability to asphyxiate yourself and you could die the very first time," adds Mike Gemar, Canyon Ridge High School Vice-Principal.

Gemar has attended training on inhalants and the long–term effects on the brain and central nervous system. Students as young as the eighth grade receive education on inhalants through the school district.

Brady Dickinson, the principal at Canyon Ridge adds, "as part of the health curriculum, they do an extensive study on the dangers of drug use, making healthy choices. And what the use of drugs could mean for their health and long–term future."

Teens are inhaling anything from computer keyboard cleaner to glass cleaner, all common household items, just to get quick high.

Gemar has "seen kids huffing spray paint as well as the cleaner for computers and things like that. Unfortunately a lot of it because it's real cheap for kids to get that stuff."

Inhalants are considered to be drugs under the school district's policy.
For Dickinson, "it's about prevention and also education."

Keeping education the focus of students' lives...both in and outside the classroom.

For students at Canyon Ridge High School battling substance abuse issues, there are resources available on campus. They can turn to the school's student support specialist or school resource officer.

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