Cassia County Vs. Drugs


By Joey Martin

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Thousands of dollars in drugs are off the streets after the Cassia County Sheriff's Office made several busts in the last week.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News looks at what continues to be a growing problem in the area.

The Cassia County Sheriff's Office say cracking down on the drug problem is a year–round job.

And it's a job... They are ready for.

"Well it's not something that we started cracking down on... we've just kept the war on, constant... right from the start."
Said Cassia county Sheriff, Jay Heward.

Last week, the cassia county sheriff's office made two large busts.

Both busts were a cocktail of illegal substances.

Containing not only marijuana, but methamphetamines and even powerful hallucinogenic.

On July 3rd, one bust produced a little over 700 dollars worth of drugs.

But it wasn't the only incident that week.

Days before, on the first... The sheriff's office had another.

"That resulted in an arrest for drug trafficking. It was 1.7 ounces of Meth, with a street value of about 48–hundred dollars. Typically with that much their dealing and selling it."
Said, Sheriff Heward.

Sheriff Heward says that over the years the drug problem in the Mini–Cassia region has stayed pretty level.

But says it's the price of the illegal drugs that are dictating the market.

"It seems like price will drive the industry, for instance... let's say one week maybe meth is cheaper then cocaine or something... so meth. And then say then the cocaine is cheaper. It just kind of seems to be whichever is the cheapest for them to get."
Said Heward.

Maria Marimagna is a resident of burley.

Her rental home was the site of the July 3rd bust.

Now that those individuals are behind bars, she spoke out.

Her daughter translates for her.

"Yeah, she's really scared. Because of what's happening and everything... that hopefully this will end soon and we'll all be good and home."
Said Maribo Gutierrez, speaking for her mother Maria Marimagna.

A fight that continues not just in Cassia County, but in the entire Gem State.

The July 3rd incident resulted in 6 individuals behind bars.

Sheriff Heward says that they will continue to fight the problem.

He knows that end is a far off dream.

But his office and surrounding agencies are up to the task.

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