Celebrating St. Patrick's Day


By Alexa Tieu

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) St. Patrick's day brings fun with family and friends.

St. Patrick's Day brings fun, food and green clothing.

"People are pretty faithful to St. Patrick's Day," says Bev O'Connor, O'Dunkens Draught House.

Many people celebrate at home.. But for others, Downtown Twin Falls was the place to be, despite the windy conditions.

"I'm glad it's not raining but it's really cold out here right now with the wind blowing," says Julie Enoch, Resident watching parade.

"Oh, it's just fun to be in a parade."

"Just a lot of fun for our kids to do and promote business for everybody," says Chelsea Ross, A Caring Hand.

But why do people celebrate the holiday?

Margo Guffey, Resident Watching Parade says, "To find a pot of gold?"

"You know what? Honestly, I have no idea. I just know it's Irish," says Enoch.

Saint Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland.

March 17th is a religious feast day and is also the anniversary of Saint Patrick's death.

Green is also an important part of St. Patrick's day.

Why do we wear it?

"It's a good color, good color for March. I'm not sure why we wear green," says Guffey.

Enoch says, "I just know it's called St. Patrick's Day and you're supposed to wear green and if you don't you get pinched."

Historians believe it's because Saint Patrick would use a shamrock with three leaves in his sermons.

Either way, it's a day many enjoy.

"I'm Irish. My husband is full blooded Irish and it's a family tradition," adds Guffey.

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