Cell Expansion At Southern Idaho Solid Waste


By Michelle Bartlome

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - A big expansion project is happening at Southern Idaho Solid Waste.

The District is adding a fifth cell to the landfill.

The project will cost about $2 million to construct.

A new cell is being built at the Southern Idaho Solid Waste's Milner Butte landfill.

Crews are installing a new liner system, where soon, more garbage will go.

Being in operation for 20 years, the landfill currently has four cells.

Near capacity with 3 million cubic yards in place, it's time for an expansion.

"This is exciting because we have a 13 acre cell and we can extend our capacity for 3–7 years depending upon the waste that we get each year,” said Josh Bartlome, Executive Director, Southern Idaho Solid Waste.

But, constructing for the future began at the drawing board.

Before installing the liner system, it needs to be designed by engineers and approved by DEQ.

"Then, we can start construction. Once we come in, the sub grade needs to be smooth and compacted and then we can put in a geo–synthetic clay liner which will help protect if the main liner gets any liners for some reason. Then, we can put in the main liner. This gets welded together and tested multiple times to make sure there are no leaks,” said Nate Francisco, Environmental Specialist, Southern Idaho Solid Waste.

To this point, the project is moving along smoothly.

"We have done about 90 percent of the cell excavation. It was about 300,000 cubic yard which saved the District about $600,000,” said Bartlome.

The 13 acre cell expansion has been under construction for 2 years now. But, there is always room to grow.

"We are always looking to the future and making sure that what we are constructing now will work with our future plans,” said Bartlome.

The expansion will be operational by May - extending capacity for years to come.

Southern Idaho Solid Waste is a regional solid waste district.

The District is owned by 7 member counties in South Central Idaho.

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