City Of Twin Falls Plans For The Next 20-Years


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The City of Twin Falls has been planning the city's future for the past eight months.

Today city council members and senior staff met to discuss where the community would like to see twin falls in the next twenty years.

Narrowing objectives, goals, and initiatives is the discussion city officials are planning for residents.

The city has eight focus areas.

"So we are looking at everything from having a healthy community, to a secure community, to a vibrant community, to be prosperous, also taking a look at all the different parts and pieces that help us really realize a complete comprehensive vision for the community” said Travis Rothweiler City of Twin Falls Manger.

"Twin Falls is fast approaching the time were we will hit 50-thousand people, when that happens there are certain federal mandates that are either required or provide incentives” said Chris Talkinton Councilman, City of Twin Falls.

The 2030 vision the city plans to meet is a community with a broad-based commitment to the long-rage health of its citizens and visitors.

Public facilities and emergency response programs functioning at a high level and well-maintained and having recreation, arts, and non-profits organizations contribute to a healthy community.

"There is going to be a series of additional community outreach events, we will do what we can to make sure we are getting information spread out very effectively. We encourage citizens to attend, and hear their thoughts and comments they may have, so they are incorporated. We want to create a true community strategic plan” said Travis Rothweiler City of Twin Falls Manger.

A plan that will go in effect beginning fiscal year 2014.

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