City of Twin Falls Unveils Strategic Plan


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The City of Twin Falls now has a vision for the future.

Last night the city council unanimously approved the Community Strategic Plan.

That plan consists of eight focus areas: health, learning, security, accessibility, environment, prosperity, responsibility, and internal organization.

“Really I think this is a working plan, something that we can really develop and grow into the future," said Don Hall, Vice Mayor, Twin Falls.

Taking the city successfully into the year 2030…that's the goal of the city's Community Strategic plan.

But, unlike past strategic plans this one emphasizes what citizens' want.

"We had more community engagement. The other ones were more task oriented this one is more goal oriented," said Hall.

At the top of the strategic plan is improving the health of the community.

"Healthy communities are those communities that are often much more vibrant. They tend to have a much different outlook. They tend to be much more engaged than those that tend to be less so," said Travis Rothweiler, City Manager, Twin Falls.

As Rothweiler explains, partnerships within the community is paramount to its overall success.

"Other public entities, some of our non–profit corporations, as well as those working in the private sector...marrying all of those resources and opportunities that we have to realize and create the vision for Twin Falls," said Rothweiler.

Number two on the plan is extending the knowledge base of city government in support of a learning community.

"A skilled labor force is just as important as having a good water system, good sewer system, a solid transportation system," said Rothweiler.

Goal number three is about maintaining public safety.

"We have a great police department. We have a great fire department. We want to make sure they have the tools and resources to continue to be able to meet the citizens' expectations," said Rothweiler.

Fulfilling the vision of a strong, vibrant, safe community for all.

The city is encouraging people to come forward and voice their opinions as it moves forward.

And, they really appreciate all feedback.

As late as last night, a community member asked that the wording be changed on one of the goals and they incorporated that.

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