Clean Up Continues After Wednesday's Storm


By Ben Lyda

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) In the wake of Wednesday's storm many businesses and home owners are in the process of cleaning up the damage.
It's all in a day's work for crews along the Canyon Springs golf course.
Lucas Sprague, golf course superintendant says,
"Water is going to be our best way to clean up, although it caused the damage, water is probably going to be the go to source. Continuing to wash it down as we push it down with the equipment we have, trying not to disturb the turf as much as possible."
Over at Lithia Dodge, it's a similar story.
James Kieffer the Lithia Dodge general manager says,
"About 48 of our cars were having some type of water scenarios that were on them."
With so many cars under water on Wednesday, some people may wonder what happens to them now?
"If they are safe and deemed savable then we'll sell them, and I don't know what price yet, but certainly there will be some discounts and we will have a huge sale for those vehicles."
As water started to rise it caused the sewer lines to back up, displacing many from their homes, like those here along Poplar Avenue.
One resident Larry Speirs says,
"So two families had to be put up at super 8 by the Red Cross"
Unfortunately this isn't the first time this neighborhood has been affected by heavy rain.
"January of 1979 the same houses flooded with the same problem."
Ben Lyda, Idaho’s First News
“When disasters such as this strike, many people are asking the question who is going to pay for this?
"I don't know if it's the city's fault or contractors fault for the way it was built, I don't know that, but I think somebody up there is liable. I'm kind of hoping that the liability from that is what pays the labor, you know we are still going to keep it cost effective as if it's our own dollar, but hopefully that's a liability issue up there."
As for the car dealership, they're relying on the insurance to cover any damage.
"So there will be some that is insured, I don't know what that total is yet, but hopefully it's low."
Waiting for answers, but the process of cleaning up continues.

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