Couple’s Marriage In Limbo


By Rachel Holt

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The honeymoon is over...

Newlyweds say their marriage quickly turned into a nightmare.

Rachel Holt explains why two women say their marriage is now in the hands of the court.

"I guess it’s pretty typical, like anyone else. I think we're happy, I think we're good together," says 19-year-old Talisha Lowry.

"When we first got together, I knew she was the one and I had actually moved all the way up from Texas for her. I don't know, I wanted to marry her from the moment I got together with her so I don't know, I guess you just know. Yeah," explains Ashlee Lake, 23.

Talisha Lowry and Ashlee Lake have been together for two years.

Like 1300 other couples, they were legally married in Utah after a judge overturned the state's ban on gay marriage.

"We got married at the gateway mall by the fountain and there was lights. It was a serene, surreal moment for us. It was just us and her and I was going to be married to her and we're connected in that way," Lowry recalls.

Three days after their January 3rd wedding, the Supreme Court halted same-sex marriages in the state.

"Once you get married and you're a newlywed, you're supposed to be happy and everything is going to be great. It's kind of hard for us because we don't know where our marriage stands. It stands federally and they have said they're not going to change that but statewide, we don't know yet. It's stressful and it really shouldn't be," Lowry explains.

Talisha and Ashlee plan on filing a lawsuit against the state of Utah.

They are hoping that something will change.

"This lawsuit that is going on with Utah, in my opinion it's inevitable that no matter what, gay marriage and equality is going to be everywhere so Utah is fighting a losing battle. There are other states that will recognize our marriage," Lake says.

For now, the couple's impending move to Salt Lake City remains on whether or not the state accepts their status as a married couple.

A battle that has just begun.

Not everyone shares the newlyweds' excitement.

The ruling in Utah- getting a reaction from gay and straight couples across the nation.

Thursday, hear from one man who sides with the Supreme Court.

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