Cracking Down On Curfew At Parks


By Stephanie Mead

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Spending a pleasant day at the park is an activity done by almost every family during the summer.

Temperatures are warmer and days are longer.

Which only means one thing… loitering and vandalism go up after the sun goes down.

"But with the parks around here in town, we don't have fences or nothing. You can't lock it up, and the majority of the people that and you know, and also what we do to help with vandalism, we lock up our rest rooms,” explains Dennis Bowyer, Director of Parks and Recreation.

Park hours are from six in the morning until six in the evening.

Persons found after hours could face a 300 dollar fine.

Patrol Officer Preston Stephenson describes it as an inevitable problem, especially during the summer months.

"I think it's just something that happens. I think people don't know the rules and so, by not knowing, they break them, and then they’re asked to leave, and they could potentially be trespassing, like a week period, or if they continue to violate that, they could be trespassed from the park for a year and then again face those fines," Stephenson says.

By enforcing curfew, this helps prevent all Magic Valley parks from vandalism.

"Sometimes you might say if you're that late in a park are you up to any good, and most likely you're not, so I say overall it's a good thing," Bowyer says.

"If we can limit the amount of people that are out during that time, we’re going to eliminate the types of influences that we typically respond to, like crime and burglary, that type of stuff, and by reducing the people that are out, we’re also reducing the potential victims, as well," Stephenson adds.

Some parks in the area do have different curfews... Dierkes and Auger Falls close at 10 in the evening, an hour before city parks.

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