CrossFit Craze Hits Southern Idaho


By KMVT News

Have you ever heard of a burpie, kipping pull-up or a double under?

If you have, chances are you're familiar with CrossFit. 

The workout trend is becoming more popular in the Magic Valley as two new CrossFit gyms have opened within the last year. 

The Pack Co-Owner Kristin Clepper says, "I hated going to the gym for two hours every day and lifting weights, I hated running and it was miserable but I knew I had to stay healthy and stay in shape."

So what is CrossFit?  

The Pack Member Scott Jackson says, "CrossFit is lifting weights faster than you would in a normal gym. Doing stuff at a higher intensity than you normally would in a normal workout."

CrossFit workouts, or WOD's, target different and new muscle groups everyday.

CrossFit enthusiast Becky Chambers says, "Somebody asked me 'You've been doing CrossFit long enough that you're probably not sore anymore, isn't that nice?' I said no, you're always sore because you always do something different."

According to coach Kristin Clepper, "We never do the same workout twice so that constant change up and constantly working different muscle groups is what gives us those results."

A typical WOD usually consists of three exercises like sit-ups, push ups and pull ups. All workouts are timed so you're always racing against the clock.

"Everything is always timed in CrossFit to make you move just a little bit faster. There is a little bit of a competitive edge because CrossFit is a sport," says Becky Chambers.

A sport that helps you grow mentally and physically.

"Working out at The Pack is not just about working out here. It's about coming to a place where you see friends who kind of become like family to you.  You workout together and share in your pain and suffering," says Clepper. 

If you want to join a CrossFit gym, but are worried about physical limitations CrossFit can be modified for people of all fitness levels. 

The two CrossFit gyms in the Magic Valley are:

The Pack CrossFit
2336 Eldridge Ave
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 733-3355

CrossFit Magic Valley
5421 Highway 93, Suite 9
Jerome, ID 83338
(208) 404-2116




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