Deciding To Put Pets To Sleep Is Hard To Do


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) Many pets are just like family members. So that makes it really hard when they get older, and they're not as healthy as they used to be. But deciding whether or not to put your pet to sleep isn't an easy process.

Veterinarian Dr. Warren Becker says the whole death process is different for everybody. He says no two relationships between pet owners and their animals are alike, either. And Becker says that bad behaviors from pets are very real problems.

Becker says, "It can be either aggression or things like house soiling. They can just ruin a house in a matter of no time."

Becker says the number one reason pet owners consider putting their pet to sleep is the animal's quality of life is declining. He says the first step is to have your pet looked at by a professional veterinarian.

Becker says, "Try to examine the pet if that's something we're looking at. Behavior issues, that's more of a question. But we do look for medical issues in hopes that we can solve the problem or alleviate it."

Becker says then your veterinarian can give you an educated opinion about your pet's condition, so you can decide whether or not to have your animal euthanized. He says if your pet isn't enjoying life and they're not comfortable any more, and medication or things at home can't improve their condition, it's time to have your pet put to sleep.

Becker says, "We try to work with that, we try to provide some guidance to what's best for the pet. Again, every situation has its own unique set of circumstances."

Becker says the most difficult pet euthanasia cases are when an elderly surviving spouse has to put their deceased loved one's pet to sleep, because that's all they physically have left of the person who's died.

Jan. 10, 2013.

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