Declo Students Races Mousetrap Cars Through The Gym


By KMVT News

Declo, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Check this out in Declo.

These high school physics students have created mousetrap cars and raced them through the gym.

Each car is different; some have cd's attached or ping pong balls, but the rule is they must go at least 10 feet.

We spoke to the winner whose car was the fastest of them all. He explains the value of this class.

"It just kind of teaches you in life, how this relates instead of doing book work I guess, I guess it makes more sense in my mind, build the mouse trap car, set it off, and understand how it works because you actually did it, didn't do a problem about it," adds Hayden Gibby, a senior.

Lyle Sager, a physics teacher adds, "with the mousetrap cars, it's basically a force unit, force equals mass times acceleration so they have to set off their mousetrap car, force takes over and has the mass that accelerates to a certain distance."

Other projects include building cardboard boats in the spring and dropping eggs off of grain elevators to see if they withstand the fall.

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