Do Fitness Apps Really Work?


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) People with on-the-go lifestyles sometimes have a hard time squeezing in a workout.

Getting to the gym can be tough; the new trend is working out at home with online videos, and phone apps.

Whether you're transitioning from a summer full of swimming and outdoor runs to a workout at the gym, or taking advantage of the cool weather to start a new fitness routine.

You’re phone can now be your workout buddy.

"As an instructor I actually use YouTube and a lot of apps as well. You just have to be so careful especially on YouTube because maybe the form isn't correct or they may be showing you stuff that isn't good for your body so you have to be a little bit cautions” said Gillian Funk Instructor, YMCA.

Those looking for a new routine indoors can look to an app like workout trainer.

The free simply yoga app acts as a personal yoga instructor - guiding users through yoga routines.

You can keep tabs on your heart rate with an app like the instant heart rate monitor, which tracks your vitals sign when you place a fingertip on the iPhone's camera.

"The apps are great tools to get ideas to be able to mix up your workouts a little bit and find something fresh and new” said Gillian Funk Instructor, YMCA.

So what do people prefer?

"I've tried several workout at home and I quit just like the majority of us do” said Lanessa Robbins, gym member.

"I like the personal interaction of following somebody and being with other people just makes me work harder and makes me enjoy it more” said Rachelle Dille, gym member.

"I've used YouTube and it stalls, so you interrupt your workout I watch them but I rather come to the gym” said Ruth Webb, gym member.

Fitness at your fingertips or at the gym.

Fun fitness apps available on iTunes: Daily ab, iPushups, Fitness+, iMapmyfitness, Simply Yoga, Instant Heart Rate Monitor.

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