Does Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Really Work?


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) With demand for a whiter smile growing, there is a wide field of products that promise to brighten teeth and bring dull or stained choppers back to pearly white.

But do they actually work?

You've seen the commercials for whitening products...

But, does the label really speak the truth?

Does toothpaste actually whiten teeth?

"Now do they work that's the question, now if they have peroxide they might bleach the teeth a little bit, but the problem with that is when you brush the teeth with the toothpaste the saliva washes it off as soon as it's on. The only way the bleach is affected is by being applied by the enamel for a long time and toothpaste isn't applied for a long period of time” said Dr. Bryce Baruss, Summit Dental Care.

Whitening trays are similar to whitening strips but cheaper.

Doctor Barfuss recommends a store product that works.

"There are some that are more of a marketing hype that is out there. But there are some that actually do work. The best over the counter product is crest whitestrips” said Dr. Bryce Baruss, Summit Dental Care.

You can get professional whitening done by a dentist and even at a spa.

"You're going to get better results quicker and you will not have the sensitivity, a lot of times with the crest whitestrips you will give you severe sensitivity” said Lisa Hawkins Owner, Serendipity Spa.

Serendipity spa in Twin Falls specializes in whitening treatments.

Whitening procedures you should ask a professional about to be sure it's safe and effective.

Doctor Barfuss recommends purchasing oral products that are approved by the American Dental Association.

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