Club Working To Teach Dogs How to Point


By Alexa Tieu

Hagerman, Idaho (KMVT-TV) A club in the Magic Valley is working to teach local hunters how to train their pointing dogs.

As last week marked the beginning of pheasant season, this is the best time to learn and train.

Mocha is a 4 month old German Wire Hair.

She's been learning how to point and hunt.

Steve Money, the Vice President Of The High Desert Pointing Dog Club says, "a pointing dog is for upland birds, mostly. Our German Wirehairs are more of a sport utility vehicle of the dog world. They will hunt ducks, they have thick fur."

The High Desert Pointing Dog Club is hoping to help others learn.

Money says, "what we really try to do is teach people how to train their dogs properly with very little effort and to involve fun."

All pointing dogs are trained to find birds and show you where they are.

"The pointing dogs will move very quickly and they pin the birds in large cubbies and make it much easier to get the bird,” says Money.

Pointers can work at different distances.

Sometimes, they can get more than 400 yards away from their owners and still communicate where birds are.

Money says, "we have lots of dog experts in our group that will help you train your dog. They have lost of advice, lots of tools. The club actually owns devices that will launch birds into the air as your puppy points them so we've invested quite a bit in training tools."

The yearly membership for the club is $25.

The money goes toward purchasing birds and other training supplies.

But the basis for the club isn't just for training or hunting - it's fun.

"My uncle kind of got me into German Wire Hairs and I hunted with him before I got Ace. I fell in love with them ever since and I love hunting so I put two and two together and been a member ever since,” says Logan Knopp.

He’s a member of the club.

And for Mocha and her owners, running through brush for birds is all they want to do.

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