Dog Shooting Investigation Complete


By KMVT News

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The investigation is complete.

Now it's up to the Filer City Council to decide what actions to take, if any, against Officer Tarek Hassani.

He's the officer who shot and killed a man's dog at point blank range last month.

"All I got to see was the end report. I was not involved in the investigation. Looking at the report, he identified a lot of issues. Both that could have been prevented by the owner and could have been prevented by the officer. It came to a conclusion and that's what we will work with," explains Filer Mayor Richard Dunn.

Rick Clubb, whose dog Hooch was killed when Officer Hassani opened fire in front of his home, isn't happy with the investigation and continues to call for Hassani to be fired.

"It says he didn't have the proper training and there was other options to take besides shooting the dog. He shot my dog in cold blood and executed him, and I heard he's bragging about it and I don't think it's right," Clubb says.

The investigation states at the time of the shooting, Officer Hassani feared for his safety, providing legal justification for the shooting of the dog.

However, the report further states that the argument is less convincing because the officer had prior knowledge the dogs might be aggressive... And, his failure to quote "develop or consider any realistic non-lethal plan for dealing with the dog was not reasonable."

"We have good people here in Filer and I wish people throughout the country would not judge Filer by one incident," Mayor Dunn says.

Dunn says if the city does take action against Hassani, that won't be made public without Hassani's consent, in accordance with Idaho law.

The City of Filer will hold a public meeting Thursday night at 7:30 to discuss the investigation further.

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