Donating Blood To Save Lives


By Joey Martin

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) With severe weather hitting the east coast this winter... Blood drives across the country are being canceled.

This is leaving stocks depleted across the nation.

The Red Cross is asking the western half of the united states to step up.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News show us how local blood drives are helping out.

This winter alone roughly 2,500 blood drives have been cancelled either to bad weather or power outages across the nation.

"As a result they ask other regions to step in and help out. We've had a really good response... we have a full schedule today and so it's nice they've picked that up here in the region."
Said Liz Jordan, from the Idaho Red Cross.

On any given day the Red Cross of Idaho tries to take in 250 units.
With supplies down, they need even more.

"When something like this happens on the east coast and were asked to step in and we try to make sure our schedules are full and we encourage people to make and keep their appointments times so that we have enough blood to send over to help out the east coast."
Said Jordan.

For long time donor, Ryan Berlin, The chance to donate blood is something he does on a regular basis.

"It's just something small that I can help other people with. This is the first time I've done a double red cell... it's an easy process, it just takes probably 45 minutes of your time to help someone out that needs the blood."
Said donor, Ryan Berlin.

"It's important to donate blood because one in tow people will need blood in their lifetime. We try to keep a steady supply in our hospitals at all times... at least a three day supply."
Said Jordan.

The Idaho Red Cross needs all blood types, especially O–negative.

"O–Negative blood is a universal donor. So anyone can receive o–negative blood so that's most often the blood type that's used in emergency situations."
Said Jordan.

Donating blood here in Idaho to save the life of strangers thousands of miles away.

The Idaho Red Cross will be in burley again on Tuesday, but are already full on appointments.

If you would like to still donate, you can log onto the Red Cross website for an upcoming location.

Their web address is WWW.REDCROSSBLOOD.ORG

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