Drug Trafficking Arrests Appear To Be Increasing


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) In August of 2012, Jerome County Sheriff Doug McFall boarded a plane to look for outdoor pot grows.

This has been the typical situation during the late summer, fall months.

This year, not the case.

"This year, we have not had any reported marijuana growing in fields. In years past, we've of course have done flyovers, we've had farmers find it and report it during harvest. For some reason during this year, we haven't had any reported to us. Resource wise, we've been busy solving other crimes and working on other activities, and we've not taken any time to do any flyovers this year," explained Captain Jack Johnson, Jerome County Sheriff’s Office.

But Captain Johnson believes the county has seen a slight increase in drug possession cases.

Marijuana is a gateway drug, but Interstate 84 is a gateway for drug trafficking.

"Because of the time of the year, which is the fall harvest for our surrounding states of California, Oregon, Washington and Montana, the increase of marijuana has started to flow through the state as they harvest this drug and get it out to the other states that want the demand for it," said Lt Kyle Fullmer, Investigations Division, Idaho State Police.

But it's not just marijuana making headlines; it's the trafficking of methamphetamine into Idaho.

"They have learned how to get most production out of their property, like better irrigation, fertilizer, soil samples. These other growers in these other states have also learned the same process. And their THC levels in the marijuana has increased as well as the methamphetamine. The purity of methamphetamine coming into our state from out of our state and out of our country has increased," Fullmer said.

Local meth labs aren't as apparent as before.

"So any methamphetamine that comes in or other powered substances that come into our state have to be trafficked into our state," Fullmer explained.

Plus, with the legalization of marijuana in neighboring states... it's an issue Idaho law enforcement won't see go away anytime soon.

We'll take a deeper look into drug investigations on a future episode of Connections.

Prescription drug abuse and designer drugs will also be addressed.

You can catch the program on Fox 14.

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