FBI Gun Background Checks On The Rise


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV - KTWT-TV ) FBI gun background checks topped two million in February for the fourth straight month.

That’s the third highest month on record since the national instant criminal background check system began in late 1998.

If you're looking to purchase a gun anytime soon or even put in for concealed weapons permit, be ready for a background check.

"Background checks have always been a part of everything, when you go to purchase a weapon you go through a background check. When you want a concealed weapons permit you have to go through a very extensive background check” said Staff Sergeant Doug Sugden, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

The background check procedure begins in the state of Idaho, paperwork is sent to the FBI for review. Once the federal government approves it, your identity is reviewed locally.

"In November I did 55, December 60, January I did 121, February I did 85, and already this month I've done 71” said Sugden.

Demands increased for firearms after the 20-12 presidential election and the December Connecticut school shooting.

"Guns are a part of the Idaho culture, I think if a person carries one they should really know how to use it and how to carry it,” Said Sergeant Dan Thom.

Idaho state officials are currently working on a new concealed weapon permit that could go into effect in July.

The permit would require gun owners to complete a more enhanced gun-training course.

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