FFA Students Drive Tractors To School In Castleford


By Jay Michaels

Castleford, Idaho (KMVT) The best part about living in a small town is there's no telling what you'll see coming down the street. At least one day a year in Castleford, you can count on FFA students driving really big tractors to school.

Karli Bower, Castleford High School student, says, "It's pretty normal to see tractors going down Main Street in Castleford, but it's fun for the students to be able to drive the tractors today."

Tractor driver Coy Surrett says, "It's different, not everybody gets to do it, I think it's fun. You get to drive a tractor to school and can't get in trouble, I guess."

As technology advances, there will need to be people who know how to use it. These students are the ones who will take agriculture into the future.

While there was no shortage of John Deere green in this tractor parade, one student made it a point to drive his red Case tractor. Is this the battle of red versus green?

Garrett Guinn says, "Yeah, it's always a controversy. Some people think John Deere's better, some thing think Case are. It's just personal preference, mostly."

Guinn says it seems like many people in Idaho are trying to get away from agriculture. But he says here in Castleford, they're trying to hang onto to it, and not let go. Guinn's instructor says there will always be a demand for agriculture, because everybody needs to eat.

Daniel Billington, Agriculture Instructor at Castleford High School, says, "It lets the kids know, the whole school, and the whole community know which members are proud of FFA and support agriculture, and realize how many members in the community came through FFA, and how important is is to Castleford."

Besides, driving a big powerful farm vehicle to school is a great way to meet girls, especially if they love your tractor.

Feb. 24, 2012.

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