Fair Security After Hours


By KMVT News

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )When a large group of people gather in one place, there is bound to be some trouble.

That’s where the Twin Falls County Sheriff's office comes in.

"The fairgrounds are county property and we are law enforcement for the county. There is a budget that is set aside for us to provide law enforcement and security on the fairgrounds during this activity," says Lt. Daron Brown with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.

If you have been to the Twin Falls County Fair, chances are you have seen officers walking around helping to make sure fair goers are safe and obeying the law.

But what happens when everyone leaves the fairgrounds, leaving behind all the merchandise?

"We provide security 24 hours a day. Just because people go home, doesn't mean that we go home. There is a lot of merchandise and animals and things out here so we provide security out here 24 hours a day," Lt. Brown says they do have to gather the extra personnel, but it can mean good news for some officers.

"This gives officers an opportunity to make some overtime money. We do pull in off duty officers to work security out here. It takes quite a few people to work a swing shift out here between 4 and midnight. You'll see a lot of us out here and hopefully that's a deterrent."

For the people at the Family Hobbies booth, the police presence makes leaving behind merchandise a little less stressful.

"With us being right across the way from them it does help. We've got insurance on it so if something does happen it's taken care of so were not that concerned," says Craig Brock with Family Hobbies.

Upholding the law, to help keep the fair a safe place to be.

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