Fighting The Ongoing Problem Of Bullying


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) "At the Wendell High School we take bullying very seriously so we are dealing with it almost on a monthly basis," said Jon Goss, Principal at the Wendell High School

Bullying is a problem across society not just in the schools. What causes someone to bully another person?

"One of the root causes of bullying is this power differential and wanting to exert power over somebody else. That they don't really know how to have their needs melt, feel good about themselves. So being able to intimidate somebody else is a feeling of power that they get that feels good to them," said Kristi Fowler, a professional Life Coach.

The Wendell School District tried to combat bullying early on in the school year.

"At the beginning of the year for example we have our class meetings to go over the rules. But this year I focused specifically on bullying so students could see at the beginning of the year the serious effects that bullying has on students," said Principal Jon Goss.

Parents play an instrumental role in preventing and stopping bullying.

"Talk to them on a regular basis. Ask them what they've noticed or seen at school. Do they see kids being bullied? How do they respond? What do they do if someone were to bully them?" said Kristi Fowler.

Bullying is an issue that takes each and every one of us to fix.

We will take a closer look at bullying this weekend on 'connections'. You can catch the program Saturday Night following the 9 o'clock newscast and then again Sunday Morning at 9:30. 'Connections' airs on FOX 14.

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