Filer Public Library Goes Digital


By Ben Lyda

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) In this digital age, it's hard to find an organization still functioning on an analog system.
But.. You would be amazed to hear that up until recently that's exactly how the Filer Public Library operated.
Ben Lyda for Idaho's First News shows us why they choose to upgrade.
It's been a busy seven months for the Filer Public Library staff.
They just finished making changes to their entire system.
The library is the second to last library in Twin Falls County to make this digital transition.
Library Board Chairman Sabrina Harrison explains:
"We thought it would only take us a couple of months to get it out we started last year in September recording all our books in the computer and we are in the process of just finishing that, so it's taken longer than we expected, but we are really excited and the patrons are already very excited about the changes."
With most local libraries transitioning over to digital, these old library check out cards will soon become a thing of the past.
Library Director Margaret Holley says:
"It just started this week so once I get used to it it's going to be very fast, we are taking baby steps this week, because there are a lot of little details."
Sabrina says:
"It's very efficient, when they check out it just takes a couple of seconds to scan each book, we no longer have to stamp dates and they don't have to write their number on it, so it really helps with the process of getting in and out and they also get a slip with their due date on it so it's easy to remember."
With the new system in place, for just this week, the public library is offering waived fines on late and lost books.

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