Financial Future Of Twin Falls


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) What is the financial future in the United States?

Chief investment strategist Fred Dickson stopped by Twin Falls Wednesday to lay out his ideas.

It was a packed house at the Twin Falls Rotary Club's meeting...

As Fred Dickson looked back at the year that was ...

And the year ahead.

What a year it's been... Obamacare, government shutdown, issues with the debt ceiling, and huge weather catastrophes... this all happened in the year 2013.

And, all of these affected our pocket books.

“2013, from our point of view, was full of surprises and challenges where we had to deal with the fiscal cliff, the passage of the tax laws, whether that was going to happen, the 6 month debate, the 4 week hiatus on government spending in October. We had to deal with foreign problems, and also there were very significant weather issues,” Dickson points out.

For those in attendance... His ideas register as true.

“I do think he is right. I think we feel it here, especially because unemployment is low here. There is all the new businesses coming in, downtown is really vibrant right now, so I think there is some mindset that people think things are bad but that's not the case,” says member Perri Gardner.

With 2013 behind us, what does this year hold for us?

“I'm encouraged by what I saw; the community really accomplished something a couple years ago when you landed the west coast plant for the Greek yogurt product company, that was a huge accomplishment,” Dickson points out.

With southern Idaho thriving on agriculture, Dickson believes the local economy will continue to improve.

“That should cause some hiring, should lift the economy at some point, we’re going to see some wage growth. I think we would all like to see that and some hiring growth, and wages come before hiring,” he explains.

With 2013 in the past, many are looking ahead to the new year.

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