Fine Arts & Music Programs Gain Popularity


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Kevin Howard has been an orchestra teacher in the twin falls school district for the past 27 years. He's seen student involvement increase over time.

"The enrollment for orchestra has increased in the past few years for various years," said Kevin Howard.

Music and fine arts programs have become increasingly popular over the past several years. Thanks to television shows like Glee, American Idol and awards programs such as the Grammy’s.

The Twin Falls School District believes these programs are great for their students.

"We feel that it is definitely good for the students and in a lot of cases the music compliments what they are doing in the classroom. The discipline they learn through music helps them in the classroom and some of the skills they learn and they become better students. And it hasn't even been discussed as one of the things that we're looking at cutting where other districts might have cut it,” said LT Erikson, Director of Secondary Education.

Music and fine art programs offer students who may not play sports a way to be involved.

"It's important for kids to have a way to learn music. It rounds their characters out. It gives them an opportunity to excel at something that many students don't have opportunities, they may not be good in sports or they may be," said Kevin Howard.

Music programs that have been around for decades but continue to gain popularity among students.

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