Fire Prevention Team In Magic Valley


By KMVT News

The Idaho Bureau of Land Management and the Sawtooth National Forest activated a national fire prevention team to work in the south central Idaho area.

These teams respond to areas throughout the united states that have an extreme potential for rapid fire growth and a pattern of human–caused fires.

"So recently we've been having a lot of human starts in the area and these is very uncommon, were usually about fifty, fifty human starts to natural starts and currently were sitting at more like 90 percent of human starts. So the managers felt like this is really something we need to convey to the public,” said Kelsey Dehoney, BLM Public Information Officer. “These fires are expensive and there dangerous to the fire fighters and there damaging to the lands."

A mixture of federal and state personal are here in Idaho to help inform the public on how to prevent fires.
The team is focused on public information campaigns. The team will target the most frequent causes of wildfire, including vehicles, illegal or poorly managed campfires, and shooting.

"Our job when we get here is to identify all the great prevention efforts that are already underway and find out how we can amplify those and using the fire were experiencing in Idaho already as a way to focus on public attention on how to prevent additional fires...ever since Smokey the bear people know about drowning there camp fires but abandoned camp fires are our primary source of fire," said Don Ferguson, National Prevention Team.

Vehicle and camp fires are the main causes of human started fires this season.

The team may only be in southern Idaho for two weeks, the BLM will be working on strategies well after they are gone.

"The great thing about having a team like this come in is that not only do they help us with what were already doing they give us great ideas for things to do when they're gone, they help support us with more products new products, all updated products that we can disseminate out into the community," said Dehoney.

Ferguson thinks that the public needs to treat public land with respect.

"I'd like to emphasis the opportunity the people have to treat their public lands responsibly, it's a privilege in this country how much public land is available to us year round with minimal restrictions and all were asking is that people are aware of the potential and being responsible for a damaging fire," said Ferguson.

Keeping the community safe during the summer.

The team will be at twin Cinema West from 11 to 4 tomorrow. For more information on the how to prevent fires and for the showing of Disney's Planes Fire and Rescue.

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