Firefighters Work To Contain Massive Kinyon Road Fire


By Aimee Burnett

Castleford, Idaho (KMVT-TV) A wildfire burning southwest of Castleford is now one of the largest in the nation burning up to 80,000 acres.

Crews were hoping for full containment this evening, but Sunday's events set them back.

Firefighters attacked the Kinyon Road Fire Sunday from the land and air.

The fire started around four Saturday afternoon following a lightning strike.

"The last update was about 75,000 acres have burned. So, it's grown, it's growing, it's a rough estimate, but it's a very large fire," said Kyli Gough, Bureau of Land Management Spokesperson.

At one point Saturday evening the flames moved towards the community of Roseworth threatening several homes.

"The wind kind of shifted and helped save that community," said Gough.

Late Saturday night it had already consumed 30,000 acres.

Then, it nearly doubled in size overnight.

Air support has played a huge roll in its containment.

An air tanker and air elevator were brought in from Utah and California.

"We have four singe engine air tankers, we had a single engine heavy air tanker yesterday, but we ordered some more," said Gough.

Around 1:30 Sunday afternoon a thunderstorm rolled through dropping a small amount of rain.

Following the front were gusty winds that caused the flames to explode once again.

"The wind is playing a factor right now. You know we had 20 percent contained hoping to contain it by 7 p.m., but the wind is just really not helping us right now. As well as, just the fuel is so dry out there," said Gough.

The wind caused another set back late afternoon as the flames jumped a creek and drew dangerously near power lines.

The air elevator and planes carrying retardant were able to stop the fire before it damaged the lines.

Firefighters are working around the clock to contain the flames, but it could be a few days before the fire is fully controlled.

The speed at which this fire is consuming is evident in this story.

In a matter of a few hours, the fire grew by 5,000 acres to 80,000 total acres.

So far no structures have been damaged and no homes have been evacuated.

But, a firefighter was treated for a heat related illness Sunday evening.

He's been transported to the St. Luke’s Magic Valley for care.

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