Fishing Has A Large Economic Impact On Idaho


By Andrew Reed

Hagerman, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) More people are spending money on fishing in the State of Idaho, especially in the magic valley.

The Idaho department of fish and game surveyed more than 25,000 Idaho fishing license holders to track economic information.

So, how is fishing boosting the economy in southern Idaho?

It’s a normal day at the lake for Lori Sitter, that's catching large fish to take home for dinner.

She says Southern Idaho is the best fishing in the state.

"I say it's better down here, because up north just below Shoshone you can only fly fish and you are only allowed two fish. I rather fish down here, the fish are bigger, and you catch more” said Lori Sitter, fishing for years.

Statewide one in five people have a fishing license, that is 400,00 Idahoans.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials believe people who fish in the magic valley are lucky.

"Twin Falls County has a couple of reservoirs that provide warm water and cold water for fishing opportunity meaning trout and warm water fish. Gooding County is the same but has streams and reservoirs both. I think that's why people come to Idaho to fish,” said Scott Stanton, Idaho Fish & Game.

On an average fishing trip in Twin Falls County, people spend $218 in 2011, more than $18 million dollars was spent.

A sport in Idaho that sitter considers a hobby and it puts money back into the state.

Statewide more than $500 million was spent towards fishing in 2011.

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