Fit And Well Idaho: Diabetes Prevention


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Did you know that one in nine Americans has diabetes? It's a harrowing disease that the CDC estimates will at least double in the next 40 years.

When it comes to diabetes prevention, it's all about choices. We have five helpful tips to keep you healthy.

Lifting weights, jogging or even a game of tennis are key to being physically active, one of our top five prevention tips.

Tennille Houston a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator says, "plan for 2.5 hours of regular physical activity each week."

While Type I Diabetes is not preventable, Type II is. If you reach or maintain a healthy weight, you're well on your way towards prevention.

Houston adds, "not all the people with diabetes are overweight, but being overweight puts you more at risk for having Type II Diabetes."

This mold represents five pounds of fat. Disgusting, yet can be motivating to those looking to shed weight. "I like to bring this out and say 'hey look, you have lost this off of your body."

Number three is improving your diet. Choose more foods that are high in fiber, make fruits and vegetables a priority.

Houston demonstrates to her patients via a food plate. "I really focus on making half of your plate fruits and vegetables, they make you feel healthy, help fill you up, help give you nutrients."

Number four quit smoking and five ... Manage your stress and get between seven and eight hours of sleep. Stick with these tips and you're on the road to healthy living.

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