Fit And Well Idaho: Living Together Before Marriage


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV - KTWT-TV ) Couples, especially American women are choosing to live with their significant other before tying the knot. This, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Gary Kit Carney has been married for five years. Carney and his wife are like many modern couples in the fact they chose to live together first.

Carney says, "you don't have to pay double rent, everything you pay for being single, you get to share with somebody, but at the same time, once you moved in with somebody, you already made that commitment to marriage in my mind."

Moving in together helped to ease the process when it came to finding out each other's flaws.

"It definitely helps we've gotten to know each other," says Carney.

Meanwhile, in Kristi Fowler's line of work as a life coach, she's met women who wished they lived together prior to marriage.

Fowler explains, "when you live with someone, you're always keeping one foot out the door and one foot in. So you're keeping your options open, when you get married, you're really saying I'm all in, I'm here and I'm making a commitment."

But some women choose to live together for a chance to show their independence as elaborated by Fowler; "they like that separation than feeling like if I get married, I need to fit that traditional role and that means he's going to be over me, he's in charge of the money and I need to back to focusing on my family and not really some of the career things I dream of doing."

As for Carney, he has some advice for couples looking to share a home.

"I think the biggest trick is you've got to make your marriage and your love modern enough to evolve at the time and old–fashioned enough to last forever," adds Carney.

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