Flows Reduced at Palisades Reservoir


By KMVT News

Heyburn, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

The Bureau of Reclamation will reduce flows from Palisades Reservoir from Wednesday to Saturday from 1200 cubic feet per second to 900 cfs.

Michael Beus has been the Water Operations Manager with the Bureau of Reclamation for 27 years.

He knows just as well as anyone that when it comes to water levels, it's all up to mother nature.

Says Beus, “we try pretty hard to set a flow we can continue through the winter but the pressure was felt and we were motivated to make a change.”

Roland Springer with the Bureau adds, “as we progress through the season we have seen that the water levels have remained below average so we think it’s time to reduce the flows down so we can have levels later in the season.”

However, recent snow is changing the outlook for the better.
Says Beus, “for the next two weeks the forecast seems to suggest that this will continue and from our perspective that’s a good problem to have.”

Still, much is left up in the air for the rest of the year.

Springs notes, “right now the forecast for April–July runoff, which is where we get most of our water, is about 92 percent of the average so it could go either way. We share everyone's concerns that it could be a dry summer and we want to be able to be ready to meet the needs if that's the case.”

The adjustment will reduce power generation and could potentially increase rates, but Beus assures us this change will be small if it occurs.

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