From Vine To Wine Part 1


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Hammett (ID) Idaho is well known for its potatoes.
But a new industry is growing fast.
Nestled between the rocky mountains and the snake river is wine country.
FOX 14's Diane Dean takes us through the history of one Idaho winery in part one of From Vine To Wine.
Idaho is considered by some a new frontier of wine growers.
But the first grapes planted in the pacific northwest were grown in Lewiston in 1864.
Prohibition shut down the wine industry in 1916.
It wasn't until 1970 that grapes were again growing in Idaho.
Bill Ringert says "we started thinking about grapes back in the 70's before we even bought this place."
Bill ringert and his wife Bing moved to hammett in 1996 and turned a hay field into Cold Springs Winery.
"I planted a grape that year to see if it would grow it did so then we planted this little section back here that we call block one."
Bing Ringert says "we had some Cab and some Riesling and we thought we'll just plant this so we were on our hands and knees and about three rows into it we realized we needed some help"
"It all starts here in the vineyards in the art of making wine and what can affect these grapes on these vines can be anywhere from severe weather to wildlife"
Bill Ringert says " it's the soil the availability of water the growing season the way the temperature produces itself throughout the year there are a lot of factors involved by in large it's a very good region for growing grapes"
Cold Springs Winery has now grown to 33 acres.
It usually takes 4 seasons to produce the first grapes that can be used to make wine.
The wine maker Jamie Martin says "During and before picking I'm out in the vineyard checking for sugar, where the acids are the ph I want it the right alcohol to get the right balance. I use whats called a fractometer to measure the sugar bricksOn the red looking for a good acid for aging"
Bill Ringert says "All in all it's a good place for raising grapes"
Cold Springs Winery has 9 varieties of red and white wines.
Watch for Part 2 of From Vine To Wine as Diane Dean follows the wine maker from the grapes to the bottle.
It airs Sunday night November 4th.

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