Frying That Turkey And Keeping Safe


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) On Thanksgiving, millions of families across America will be sitting down to that traditional oven baked Thanksgiving turkey.

But a few families out there might be looking to bypass that tradition all together and break out the deep fat fryer.

Every year adventurous families across the United States will take on the difficult task of deep fat frying their Thanksgiving turkey.

And while this somewhat new tradition can produce an amazing tasting bird...

The thought of 400 degree boiling oil over an open flame has one Twin Falls Fire Caption feeling to need to lay out a few easy to remember safety tips.

“Never use the deep fryer within the house. Never use one inside of a garage or on a wooden deck. Make sure there on level ground. Make sure that your turkeys completely thawed. Ice can be inside of a turkey, even if its hidden within the tissues can react violently inside of a deep fat fryer and cause it to boil over. Common sense is the key word for the day.” Said Captain Allan Shropsire of the Twin Falls Fire Department.

The Twin Falls Fire Department has never been called out on a deep fry frying rescue mission on Thanksgiving and Captain Shropshire wants to keep that perfect record intact.

So just remember to keep the children at bay and to use that common sense.

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