Fur Demand At All Time High


By Stephanie Mead

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The demand for fur is up worldwide.

With that, the prices are also up.

But, that's not always a good thing for some businesses.

While fur prices might be on the rise, a local taxidermist in the Magic Valley says that means he's not investing in the market.

"It's been amazing to see the changes in the fur market over the past few years. Part of that is due to China, Russia, and some of these other countries that are getting more and more into the fur market. It seems that as countries reach more wealth, fur is one of the first things people start purchasing,” explains Kelton Hatch, Idaho Fish and Game.

About ten years ago, coyotes were going for 15 dollars each.

Bobcats are worth the most when it comes to fur.

The price for coyotes has quadrupled in price and now sells for a hefty 60 dollars.

Bobcats tripled and can be sold for six hundred.

Staggering statistics.

But for Jeff Frost, owner of Intermountain Taxidermy, those numbers don't mean much.

"Times like this I tend to not buy fur because I'm buying fur to turn around and resell as far as rugs and mounts. So it makes more sense for me as a taxidermist to buy the fur when it's at a lower price for resell purposes," he says.

Kelton Hatch says that fashion in China and Russia is driving the prices so trappers in Idaho ship their catch out of the country.

"Most of the folks that do trap out here ship it out of the country, and you don't see a big usage of it around here per say, but a lot of manufactures purchase coyotes, for collars on jackets, gloves, you'll see hats and jackets," he points out.

But like every industry, according to Frost, fur has its ups and downs, and what goes up... must come down.

"When the prices are really high like this, everybody goes out and tries to get their fur and then what happens… the markets get flooded," says Jeff Frost.

Idaho Fish and Game reminds all trappers to be aware when out trapping.

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