Future of Shoshone Falls Park


By KMVT News

The City Of Twin Falls is looking at the future of Shoshone Falls Park.

Shoshone Falls Park welcomes visitors year round, even in the colder winter months.

In 1997, the City's Parks and Recreation Department developed a road map to develop the park into what it is today.

"We did over a million dollars worth of projects down there," says Dennis Bowyer, Director, Twin Falls Parks and Recreation.

Now, Bowyer wants to revisit the list of goals in the road map to further develop the park around the falls as well as Dierkes Lake.

"What other projects can we do down there? We're fortunate , we're having good flows down there so actually our revenue has been good. We have some surplus money we can spend down there," Bowyer says.

Bowyer says some of the possibilities they'll be looking at is a new bathroom closer to the park. Covered picnic tables, new trails at Dierkes Lake, as well as maintenance of the road down to the falls.

Bowyer says there were several items on the old master plan that may be brought up again. One is rebuilding the old stairway that went down to the water's edge below the falls.

Bowyer says, "There was wooden steps that went all the way to the bottom of the river"..."it may be cost preventative. Who knows but we want to talk about that."

Bowyer says the Parks and Rec Commission has formed a subcommittee to begin talking about a 5 to 10 year goal for some of these projects.

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