"Gathering On Capitol Hill" - Following Senator Jim Risch


By Michelle Bartlome

Washington, D.C. ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - Have you ever wondered exactly what our representatives do while they're in Washington, D.C.? We did.

So we sent Michelle Bartlome for Idaho's First News to the Capitol to find out.

She followed Idaho Senator Jim Risch for the day.

You may be surprised as to exactly what his day really entails.

Here's more in our special series called "Gathering on Capitol Hill."

Meeting after meeting and yet another meeting.

"I enjoy this. I enjoy doing this. It’s great work,” said Senator Jim Risch, Idaho.

Great work, but busy work.

"Today actually is a little lighter than most days. I carry a card with my meetings. Here are my priorities– when they call a roll call vote, I have to go to the floor to vote. Second, any group that comes from Idaho – I will see. I've been as high as 20 in a day. Obviously, committees, I have to do my best. Here, when you have a committee– a fourth of the members are present,” said Senator Risch.

Senator Jim Risch is on a number of committees, which means time is of the essence.

"I serve on the Ethics Committee. It's horrible to deal with. Out of all of the things, that is the most bipartisan. Then, the Intelligence Committee. We oversea the CIA. I'm on Energy and Natural Resources. Also, the Small Business Committee,” said Senator Risch.

With lots of action at the capitol, Senator Risch does manage to make it back to Idaho.

"I try to get home every weekend. Almost always we have a vote on Monday night starting at 5:30 pm. I'm lucky to get out of here early on a Thursday."
What does he miss most about being away from the Gem State? His four grandkids.

"I miss that when I'm here. I really do,” said Senator Risch.

On Monday night, we'll take you inside the daily lives of Senator Mike Crapo and Congressman Mike Simpson.

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