"Gathering On Capitol Hill" - Senator Crapo and Congressman Simpson


By Michelle Bartlome

Washington, D.C. ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - Imagine spending your day in meetings, hearings and voting on issues that will impact millions nationwide.

That's exactly what Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and Congressman Mike Simpson are faced with every day.

Michelle Bartlome for Idaho's First News traveled to Washington, D.C. to take us inside their daily lives.

Outside it's a normal day in \Washington, D.C, inside the hustle and bustle of a normal day for Idaho Senator Mike Crapo.

"Every day is different in one sense, but the same in another sense. We have dozens of constituents from Idaho who come through every day and need to talk about issues of importance to them,” said Senator Mike Crapo, Idaho.

On the schedule, meetings including the Associated Logging Contractors.

"Things get piled up. In addition to hearings and meetings, I have work to do with colleagues on legislation. We debate and vote on the floor of the Senate. A typical day is an 18 hour day. We hope to make some shorter, but it starts early around 7 or 8 am and usually ends around 9 or 10 pm,” said Senator Crapo.

Just up the road, Congressman Mike Simpson is also in meetings.

He's finding out more about the national parks service budget for fiscal year 2014.

"I sit on the Appropriations Committee which funds the federal government. We try to hold hearings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Usually in the mornings we hold hearings with these various agencies. Then you go to the floor and vote. You never know when that's going to occur. One of these days, I'm going to put together a calendar of what we were scheduled to do and what we actually did,” said Congressman Mike Simpson, Idaho.

It's his eighth term in the House of Representatives.

"It’s a privilege to represent the people of Idaho. It's a big responsibility. One I take very seriously,” said Congressman Simpson.

We also sat down with Senator Jim Risch. We'll share more from Congressman Simpson, Senator Crapo and Senator Risch in an upcoming "Connections" show.

It will air on May 11th at 9:30 pm on FOX 14 or you can also watch "Connections" on May 12th at 9 am on FOX 14.

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