Glanbia Announces Layoffs


By Brittany Cooper

Gooding, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Glanbia Foods announced today the company will lay off 5% of its workforce or around 50 employees.

The Glanbia announcement will impact all Idaho locations to some degree.

The company is reducing its milk supply by 10%.

"So the milk always flows to the highest value product, and just as last year when we made record amounts of cheese because cheese was up at the high end of the value chain and milk flowed to cheese plant, we ran our plants full last year. This year we find ourselves in a little bit of a deficit situation because of those factors I mentioned," explains Jeff Williams, President and CEO of Glanbia Foods.

Most of the employees affected have worked at the company less than a year.

The positions impacted included operators and some drivers.

"We fully anticipate that that's going to correct itself in the near term and will be actively procuring milk to fill our plants up and then at that time. We'll look at what is the best cost structure for our plants, how can we operate them optimally and certainly staffing levels will be something to be taken a look at," Williams says.

The company's vision, though, remains the same.

"We have invested a lot of money in Idaho. I'm looking at the window at our Cheese Innovation Center that we just opened up six months ago and we want to continue to drive new product development, drive our export businesses and continue to be the number producer of American style cheese," Williams explains.

Through the years, Williams says they've seen markets change, it's being flexible that will drive the company into the future.

Along with the four factories in Idaho, Glanbia also operates one of the largest cheese plants in the world...that happens to be in New Mexico.

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