Law enforcement, service appreciation day

Twin Falls


By Brittany Cooper

Today also was a time for reflection and to give thanks to local law enforcement agencies and service men and women.

"It's our opportunity to give back to the community and just thank the service men and women that take care of us in the community."

Each day the men and women of the Twin Falls Fire and Police departments come to work in the effort to keep our community safe and today was an opportunity for the public to show them appreciation for all they do.

Twin Falls Fire Dept. Driver Tony Jardine said, "We've had several people come up and shake our hand and thank us for the job we do and the job those guys did."

Gold's gym of Twin Falls hosted the event that drew much interest from local families and residents.

Gold’s Gym Director of Operations Jason Williams said, "We're real excited to have these guys on board and it's something we're looking to do annually."

September 11th 2001 left a lasting memory on all of us who were able to remember the event.

For Tony Jardine, a driver for the Twin Falls Fire Department, he remembers vividly sitting in the department and watching the events unfold on television
"When we are wearing our breathing apparatus they come equipped with what's called a pass alarm and it activates a high frequency alarm if we're immobile...on the news coverage that we're watching we can hear those pass alarms going off.. and everyone of those meant there's a firefighter down and that's a tragic memory that knowing those guys aren't going to come out of that."

And for those who aren't old enough to remember that tragic day, today was a time to meet the people that protect them.

Twin Falls Police Dept. Patrol Officer Adam Dixon said, "We might not be as big of a town that might have something like that happen. We have things that happen every day that people need help and I'm proud to help them out."

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